High-Performance Habits: Being Prepared

Have you ever been asked a question and your first instinct is to just come up with ANY answer just to get SOMETHING out? Next, as you start talking you almost alter the path of your answer mid-sentence because it’s a better answer than what you started off with? This is because you know you should¬†know the answer, but you haven’t put in the necessary time to be prepared.

I know, this seems almost too simplistic. But I can’t tell you how many hopeful strivers I meet who cant quickly answer ‘what are the major projects you are working on, in sequential order, to achieve what you want?’ Unfocused people respond with off-the-cuff thoughts, long lists of unnecessary things, a top-of-mind purge of ideas. High-Performers know. They can tell you what they’re working on and why that order, in exacting detail. They can open their calendar and show you the blocks of time they’ve allocated to their major goals and projects.” Brendon Burchard (pg. 203)


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way

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