The Power of Habit: Keystone Habits

Where do we start when trying to change our behavior or the behavior of our team/ coworkers/ employees? This quote teaches us what habits matter most and can be the foundation of changing for the better.

O’Neill believed that some habits have the power to start a chain reaction, changing other habits as they move through an organization. Some habits, in other words, matter more than others in re-making businesses and lives. These are “keystone habits,” and they can influence how people work, eat, play, live, spend, and communicate. Keystone habits start a process that, over time, transforms everything. Keystone habits say that success doesn’t depend on getting every single thing right, but instead relies on identifying a few key priorities and fashioning them into powerful levers.” -Charles Duhigg (pg.100,101)

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We do in Life and Business

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