Meditations: Discipline of Perception

This weeks series of quotes comes from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, one of Joshua Fraser’s favorite books. Josh, in his own right, is a high-performer being the CEO and founder of Estated and Data Nerds. They have recently been backed by Foundry Group and Techstars Ventures and are primarily focused on bringing transparency, accuracy, and education to the vast and segmented real estate industry.

Here is a quote that has helped Josh along the way from Meditations.

The discipline of Perception requires that we maintain absolute objectivity of thought: that we see things dispassionately for what they are…

It is, in other words,  not objects and events but the interpretations we place on them that are the problem. Our duty is therefore to exercise stringent control over the faculty of perception, with the aim of protecting our mind from error.” -Gregory Hays (pg.xxvi,xxvii)


Meditations: A New Translation


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