Social: Fairness Tastes Like Chocolate

Every part of life we find ourselves dealing with other people. Whether you’re reading this as a leader, lover, brother/ sister, manager, coach or student, you KNOW deep down, that in any partnership, you NEED to be treated fairly for it to continue on. This quote finds a very unique way to describe how important fair play is among us.

Fairness is one of many cues that we have that we are socially connected. Fair treatment implies that others value us and that when there are resources to be shared in the future, we are likely to get our fair share. Fairness is clearly a more abstract sign of social connection than many others we could imagine, and its important enough that our brain’s reward system is sensitive to it. The same brain regions that are associated with loving the taste of chocolate or any other physical pleasures respond to being treated fairly as well. In a sense, then, fairness tastes like chocolate.” -Matthew D. Lieberman (pg.74,75)


Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect 


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