Principles: Savor Life Vs. Impact the World

I have always thought “making an impact on the world” was the definition of success, which has always led me to think that others that are “okay settling” are incomprehensibly wrong. But this quote changed my opinion. I think there are two lessons here, one to do with how we view ourselves (Do you actually know what you want?), and the other being how we view others (it’s okay if somebody wants to live their lives differently than you.)

What does a successful life look like? We all have our own deep-seated needs, so we each have to decide for ourselves what success is. I don’t care whether you want to be a master of the universe, a couch potato, or anything else- I really don’t. Some people want to change the world and others want to operate in simple harmony with it and savor life. Neither is better. Each of us needs to decide what we value most and choose the paths we take to achieve it.” -Ray Dalio (pg.134,135)


Principles: Life and Work


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