Principles: Nature is Smarter

We couldn’t build a working plane until we understood the laws of nature attached such as aerodynamics, gravity, drag etc. We couldn’t weld two pieces of metal together until we understood how electricity and grounding worked. Let this quote humble us in regards to how important what we’re working on “matters,” and to remind us that when we need answers, nature calls.

To try to figure out the universal laws of reality and principles for dealing with it, I’ve found it helpful to try to look at things from nature’s perspective. While mankind is very intelligent in relation to other species, we have the intelligence of moss growing on a rock compared to nature as a whole. We are incapable of designing and building a mosquito, let alone all the species and most of the other things in the universe. So I start from the premise that nature is smarter than I am and try to let nature teach me how reality works.” -Ray Dalio (pg.140)


Principles: Life and Work


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