Smarter Faster Better: Creativity

No matter what type of creativity you want more of in your life, whether it be painting, music, the art of seduction, or running a business, we are ALL scared to make changes that even after long internal debates we determine to be positive. This fear ultimately hinders us from any sort of progress. We’re scared to approach that girl/guy, we’re scared to stand up for ourselves and speak our minds, we’re scared to stand up for others, we’re scared to quit our jobs that are making us unhappy, all in order to stay “comfortable.” From this day forward, let’s commit to using this fear as a sign that we need to commit to approaching that person, speaking our truth, stand up for others, and quitting our shitty jobs.

People who are most creative are the ones who have learned that feeling scared is a good sign. We just have to learn how to trust ourselves enough to let the creativity out.” -Charles Duhigg (Pg.237)


Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity

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