Flow: Genetic Programming

It feels good to sleep in, it feels good to eat unhealthy foods, it feels good to pleasure ourselves. It (temporarily) sucks waking up early, it sucks eating a healthier option, it sucks having to use self-control. We’ve evolved to be as efficient in using our energy reserves as possible. And overriding our feelings actually requires more energy than thoughtlessly succumbing to our cravings, so we naturally hate doing it.

“Submission to genetic programming can become quite dangerous, because it leaves us helpless. A person who cannot override genetic instructions when necessary is always vulnerable. Instead of deciding how to act in terms of personal goals, he has to surrender to the things that his body has been programmed (or misprogrammed) to do. One must particularly achieve control over instinctual drives to achieve a healthy independence of society, for as long as we respond predictably to what feels good and what feels bad, it is easy for others to exploit our preferences for their own ends.” -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pg.18)


Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience


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