The Objective Leader: Mental Models

Sometimes we see a stranger react to a particular situation and immediately assume that it was the WRONG way to respond. Without thinking twice about it, we assume that WE would have dealt with it COMPLETELY differently and that OUR way would have been MUCH better. The problem is that we’re blinded and make our judgment based on only OUR experience. This person may very well have reacted differently than you would have, but that doesn’t make it the wrong way. They made their decision based on their experience.

Mental models are deep-rooted ideas and beliefs that we have about ourselves, the way the world works, and how things ought to be. The mind forms patterns that define our sense of reality… Although mental models provide internal stability in a world of continuous change, they also blind us to facts and ideas that challenge or defy out deeply held beliefs.” -Elizabeth R. Thornton (pg.61)


The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are



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