The Objective Leader: Self-Worth

One of the common themes of advice from successful people is to stop caring about what others think. If you take the stat from this quote into account, then we can stop worrying what others think of US. The people we’re worried about are more worried about what you think of them to even think about judging you. Remember being afraid to dance in the circle as a teen in high-school? Everybody admired the person who didn’t care and busted a move, while you sat there too scared that people would laugh at your moves. We must realize that this is natural and very common but we need to overcome it.

If you are like most people, you care very much about what other people think about you. In our survey, 62.2 percent of people responded that their self-worth was strongly tied to what others think.” -Elizabeth R. Thornton (pg.97)


The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are


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