Everything Is Fucked: What We Do

You know that polishing off a full pack of FAMILY size peanut butter M&M’s to yourself is “bad for you.” But when you stay home alone binging Netflix, you lose all self-control and can’t stop until that bag is empty.

You have an intellectual understanding of a lot of things. But you may not yet have an EMOTIONAL understanding of these very same things. If you were told by your doctor that those recurring headaches you have are directly linked with eating the whole bag of peanut butter M&M’s, you better believe you’ll leave AT LEAST one in the bag from now on.

This is why stories are so effective at teaching us lessons. They map out a situation that we can easily imagine ourselves in which allows us to FEEL what the character feels. This is also why we have to learn lessons the hard way. All along, we should have just listened to Mom and Dad in the first place and only eaten a handful. But if we did, we would only have an intellectual understanding and not an emotional understanding.


“We’ve all had the experience of knowing what we should do yet failing to do it.”

-Mark Manson (pg.25)

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Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope 


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