Everything is Fucked: Emotional Problems

When you’re filing your tax return, as much as it may suck, making the necessary decisions to complete the form and get it over with are easy. There are boxes you fill in with corresponding numbers. You don’t have to feel what numbers go where. This would be much more difficult. Trying to describe why you hate checking your voicemail is more difficult than the pain you experience while doing it. Just watch a youtube video of an NBA player asked to describe how winning the championship feels to witness how difficult it is to make sense of emotions. This is why doing your taxes, going for a run, and keeping your cool are more challenging than you’d expect. Because they are emotional problems and not logical problems.

Every problem of self-control is not a problem of information or discipline or reason but, rather, of emotion. Self-control is an emotional problem; laziness is an emotional problem; procrastination is an emotional problem; underachievement is an emotional problem; impulsiveness is an emotional problem.” -Mark Manson (pg.33)

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Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope 

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