Everything is Fucked: Values

Before going on a big trip, you already had a set of values established. These values were formed by your experiences. These experiences add up and basically determine what’s most important to spend your time and energy on. THEN, in Hawaii, you’re surrounded by new people who grew up with DIFFERENT experiences, therefore, different values. Their time and energy wasn’t being spent on getting “better stuff” like you, but being with family and being immersed in the present moment on a wave. This experience is very powerful and emotional for you. You realize that your vision of the future was stupid and you were focusing on the wrong things (and that you should call your mom.) Only after seeing this with “fresh” or “new” perspective can you start to internally reprioritize the things you want to spend YOUR time and energy on.

“The only way to change our values is to have experiences contrary to our values.”

-Mark Manson (pg.67)

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Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope 

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