High Performance Habits: Energy

When you were a kid and throwing a fit, your mom would say something along the lines of  “somebody is tired!” As much as this made you angrier, now that you look back on it, she was usually right, wasn’t she? Nowadays, when you catch yourself judging somebody unnecessarily, or lashing out, or annoyed, you’re usually overtired and not yourself. Managing your energy levels can make you more productive in the long run. Going for a run is productive, eating healthy is productive, and having a nap is productive whether it feels like it or not.

“Finally, energy is significantly related to productivity. If you ever want to get more done, you don’t need to buy some new app or organize your papers better. It’s less about doing e-mail better and more about doing energy better.” -Brendon Burchard (pg.96)


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way


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