High Performance Habits: Deadlines

Most days, you struggle with knowing what you should do with your time. It seems to take all of your willpower just to sit down and get some work done. This only seems to happen when you’re trying to find something to do in order to stay productive though. When you have a deadline approaching and a seemingly endless list of tasks, the effort necessary to get started just magically happens. Deadlines force you to quickly prioritize your energy and get shit done faster than you ever thought possible. Your journey to becoming successful is a continuous process of learning to set deadlines that you know you can execute in an efficient manner. You set the limits based on the competence you gain from your experience.

“A recent study found that by having a deadline, not only did people focus more to complete the activity but they found it easier to ‘let that activity go’ and devote greater attention to the next activity. That is, deadlines help us get closure between activities, so we can give our full focus to what we need to be working on now.” -Brendon Burchard (pg.150)


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way

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