High Performance Habits: Discipline

Waiting for inspiration is like waiting for a shooting star to make a wish come true. If you wait long enough, you can see a shooting star,  but you may be waiting alot longer than you expect. And most shooting stars that do go by will likely go unnoticed due to you being focused on something else. If you are lucky enough to catch one out of the corner of your eye, the reality is that your wish won’t actually come true unless you do the hard work necessary. So while you were waiting for inspiration to hit, you were actually just missing out on great opportunities to hone your skills.

“Best-selling authors didn’t talk about the romantic idealism of ‘being a writer.’ They talked about the hard work and discipline of cranking out pages even when they didn’t feel like it.” -Brendon Burchard (pg.198)


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way

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