Laws of Human Nature: Rushing

You’ve started your own business with hopes of becoming successful. You’ve heard a million times before that this will be a long and hard journey. But there is an innate urge for you to expedite this process and become successful as quickly as possible. This rush mentality is a trap that could very well make you fall on your face along the way. Having a rushed timeline attached to a goal can be motivating yes, but only if for the right reasons. It’s more likely a naive error which causes you to make decisions without considering all possible outcomes. You must make decisions with maturity, patience, precision, and perspective.

When you feel the need to rush a long term goal, you end up making rushed short term decisions in the process. This pressure to make quick decisions causes an intense arousal which means your mind is no longer clear. You are temporarily under the influence of your emotions. This is precisely when you should slow down and evaluate why you’re feeling this way. Is it ACTUALLY because you’re special and deserve to be on the cover of Forbes at 25? Or, are you delusional, naive, immature and impatient?



“That problem we tried to solve was not really so urgent, and we made it worse by rushing an outcome. We needed to know more before acting…Time is the greatest teacher of them all, the revealer of reality.” -Robert Greene (pg.159)

Laws of Human Nature

The Laws of Human Nature


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