Laws of Human Nature: Attitude

Imagine a friend asks if you want to try skiing for the first time. You don’t feel like it, so you refuse and tell your friend it’s because you don’t have the proper gear even though you know he has extra skis. You use not having the proper gear as an excuse when really you’re scared of what others will think of you for using non-ski-specific gear. You want to fit in and look like a skier before you even TRY skiing. You’d rather blend in than stick out.

You’ll likely be fine if you don’t have a Goretex jacket or cool Oakley goggles. You must adopt a positive attitude and overcome the fear of temporarily looking like a fool when trying new things or you’ll be prevented from learning new skills altogether.


“Those with a negative attitude tend to operate from a basic position of fear toward life. They unconsciously want to limit what they see and experience to give them more control. Those with a positive attitude have a much less fearful approach. They are open to new experiences, ideas, and emotions.” -Robert Greene (pg.215)


Laws of Human Nature

The Laws of Human Nature


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