48 Laws of Power: Patience

Imagine you are in line at the grocery store and time seems to be moving slower than it seemingly does when watching somebody tie their shoes.  You have a choice, you can be patient and wait your turn or you can be impatient and throw a fit. Controlling your emotions in a grocery store line may not have very high stake consequences, but your chosen attitude will carry over to other stressful situations.

It is similar to being “next in line” for a promotion. You can choose to keep your cool and wait patiently for the right timing to arise, or you can slowly let the pressure build and blow up. In a high stake situation like this, if you chose to stay in control, you may not get the instant pleasure that would come from the blow-up. But, you also won’t gain any unwanted long term resentments towards you from the people you’re dealing with.

“Impatience, on the other hand, only makes you look weak. It is a principal impediment to power.” -Robert Greene (pg.xxi)


The 48 Laws of Power


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