48 Laws of Power: Style



What is Style? Why do people who seemingly have the “best style” look better than others? They are simply dressing the way they want, without the concern of others around them. Style comes alongside an attitude and identity. If you’re wearing something that you think says something about you, whether its a popular item or not, others will likely respect it. People have an innate sense to detect insincerity. As soon as you start to wear something or dress a certain way because of external pressures, people will know and it won’t “suit you.”

Imagine you want to die your hair blue. It’s safe to say that most people don’t have blue hair, so you’ll stick out. But if you’re a creative type and you like blue hair on your favorite artists, if you identify with these people who also have blue hair, you’ll rock it no question. People will feel the authenticity in your blue hair and respect you for it. If on the other hand, your best friends were dyeing their hair blue because it was “in,” and you reluctantly follow suit, people will sense your tentativeness and not accept it.

The 48 Laws of Power



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