48 Laws of Power: Fantasy


Remember the last time you made plans with a friend a week in advance and were genuinely excited about it. When the planned day comes, all of a sudden you’re flooded with anxiety about these same plans. The difference is that today, the whirlwind of your day to day problems are clear and sitting right in front of you. This is why many bail last minute. A week ago, their problems weren’t so salient.

Imagine you start a business with a new revolutionary product. One that your sure EVERYBODY will buy. The product makes the future seem easy and that the business will run itself. You’re on a magic carpet ride to success. The sad truth is this is not true no matter how revolutionary your product, you’re falling victim to fantasy. Even once the product is made, you still have marketing, branding, customer education, and distribution to deal with, not to mention the defense necessary for competing businesses. Take things one step at a time and never assume that it will be easy, or you’ll be sadly setting yourself up for a journey full of disappointments.

The 48 Laws of Power



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