Tribe of Mentors: Redlining


How many times have you gotten the advice to “take things at your own pace?” This is usually advice given for a physically exhausting task but can also be the advice you need in your professional life. In a race, you can either push too hard and burnout, or not push hard enough and have some gas left in the tank at the end. The person who wins the race is usually the one who can manage their energy the best. In your work life, this “gas left in the tank” is what you spend your energy doing on other things, which can ultimately give you more energy.

Imagine you start a new business and think you HAVE to be productive every second of the day. There is a fear you feel that not doing enough will be what keeps you from the top, so you sacrifice the time you used to spend cooking healthy meals, exercising, and fostering healthy relationships in order to be “productive.” These seem like the first things that should go because they take up so much time. Though these activities are time-consuming, they are worth the effort and should be considered “being productive.” These activities will top up your energy levels to avoid burnout. Enjoy cooking a delicious meal, enjoy your run, enjoy that date to manage your energy with a balanced life, it doesn’t have to be difficult.


Tribe of Mentors


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