Tribe of Mentors: Discomfort



Imagine you come up with a brilliant idea for a product and you believe that everybody has a need for it. Maybe it’s a disposable coffee cup that is environmentally friendly and keeps your coffee warm eternally. Who wouldn’t want that?

What you don’t initially realize is this product is perfect for you and your lifestyle. If you were to post up in the middle of a busy New York street and pitch your product to everybody that walked by, it is very likely the majority of people won’t be even remotely interested. Their attention is fixed elsewhere, on the problems that they need to solve in their lives. Even though this magic coffee cup is objectively an amazing product, people’s attention is very limited. The rejections aren’t coming from the product being bad, but the internal life of the person not seeing it as important at that specific time in their lives. Even Apple doesn’t land a sale with every impression.

Fear of rejection is what causes daunting tasks to be uncomfortable. You must learn to throw yourself into those situations and not take rejections personally. As Tim says, your success is depending on it.


Tribe of Mentors


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