Tribe of Mentors: Thriving



Whether in a career or a relationship, we tend to desire perfection. We desire perfection because we assume there will be less work and our lazy minds are trying to convince us to take the easy road.

Imagine you’re a beautiful flowering plant and get to choose what forest you’re to be planted in. Would you choose a forest that is already thriving where you have no effect on the thriving of the other plants? If you dried up, no other plant species would even notice your absence. OR, would you rather your flower petals create a specific scent that attracts deer to the area which then fertilizes the soil. This causes the other plants to thrive a little bit better than they did before you arrived.

A major component in your mental health is the desire to grow. So find a career or a relationship where you truly believe your unique skill set and values will take the team to the next level.


Tribe of Mentors


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