Ego is the Enemy: Action



Imagine you’ve recently gotten a new job. You’ve been finishing your assigned work early on in the week, so in order to make a name for yourself, you start to go above and beyond and start working on some projects that you’ve noticed need to be done but aren’t necessarily your responsibility. Let’s say the meeting room has been a disaster for years and you take the time to clean it up.

How would you feel if nobody gave you any recognition for doing this? You go all day waiting for people to tell you you did a good job, and it doesn’t come. Only when you put it into words do you realize that being unhappy because you weren’t told that you did a good job is simply juvenile.

When people don’t tell you that you did a good job, it’s nothing personal and usually because they’re focused on what they have to do. I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you haven’t praised where it was due. What matters most is that the room was cleaned, not that you were patted on the back for doing it.


“It’s about the doing, not the recognition.”- Ryan Holiday (pg.34)


Ego Is the Enemy


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