Ego is the Enemy: Praise



You tend to protect yourself from people and things that make you feel bad all the time. It’s easy to block somebody on Facebook or Instagram for a rude comment. Imagine you post something on social media and somebody bashes you for it. You’re very quick to delete it.

What is much more counter-intuitive though is protecting yourself from the ego boosts. The thoughtless or even automatic praise from friends who support you in order to ensure you feel good about yourself. You’ll notice yourself wanting to post something on social media because you know you’re good at it, or you know you look good doing it. You know the recognition will make you temporarily feel good. Maybe you should reconsider, maybe you crave these positive feelings for the wrong reasons, maybe your self-worth should be coming from more meaningful work, maybe you should go on a social media diet.

“What we don’t protect ourselves against are people and things that make us feel good- or rather, too good.” -Ryan Holiday (pg.77)


Ego Is the Enemy


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