12 Rules for Life: Aggression



You’ve run into many situations where somebody has overreacted and lashed out at you. You may have asked your boss a question while they were stressed, which made them “bark” an order at you. When this happens, you will undoubtedly react by feeling victimized and immediately assume that your boss doesn’t deserve to be above you. You would totally do things differently if you were in charge.

Maybe instead, you should view it with more empathy and realize that when you’re under pressure and stressed, you may not like who you are or how you react either. It is likely that your boss didn’t mean it to come across that way. Rather than feeling resentment towards your boss until they apologize, you should accept the situation for what it is and instantly forgive them. Just because there is evidence that your boss has acted poorly in the past doesn’t mean that they’re the worst boss in history. Only once you forgive the sudden lack in judgment can you see the situation more clearly and determine if they have a true poor attitude or not.


“Every child knows the difference between being bitten by a mean, unprovoked dog and being nipped by his own pet when he tries playfully but too carelessly to take its bone.” -Jordan Peterson (pg.140)

Rule#5 Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them



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